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The windows were bought after January 1st 2004 :
Fenplast guarantees its rigid PVC profiles and the sealed units manufactured from clear or low emissivity glass (Low-E ES© or Super HP© type) against seal failure equiping its windows for a limited* lifetime warranty (as long as you own your home). A one-year guarantee will be given against the spontaneous breakage of the glass. The breakage should be characterized by a crack on the internal side of the sealed unit. There should not be a point of impact on the glass. The hardware is guarantee for a ten years period in normal conditions of maintenance and utilization.
PVC Rigid extrusions:
A regular cleaning with a mild soap (all purpose or glass cleaner) or a specially formulated PVC soap will keep your windows beautiful and glossy for numerous years.

In case of tougher dirt, here is a list of recommended / non recommended products
Recommended products NOT recommended products
Murphy’s Oil® soap
Non abrasive cleaner, Vim Gel type
Any mild soap and water solution
Vinegar and water solution

Chlorine bleach
Liquid grease remover
Strong soaps and detergents containing organic solvents
Nail polish remover
Furniture polish and cleaners
Any aggressive solvent


Clean only with a damp cloth or compressed air. Usage of Ammoniac based products and vinegar must be avoided on metallic parts. A silicon based lubricant without acetone (we strongly recommend the JIG-A-LOO® brand) once or twice a year on locks, hinges, lock points and rubber will assure the smooth operation of your opening window.

To minimize the risk of thermal breakage, it is recommended to let a good air circulation near the glass. Don’t let drapes, blinds closed in very cold weather.Try to avoid any heat concentration on the glass; don’t have any heating output going directly on the glass.

Condensation on the surface of the sealed unit inside the house is caused by ambient humidity, which must be controlled compared to the outside temperature. At the beginning of fall, when the heating system does not function regularly, the water content of the house can vary around 60%, thus involving a problem of condensation on the interior suface of the glass. On the other hand, in winter, the ideal water content for the occupants is between 30% and 50%.  A rate lower than 15%, according to the medical authorities, irritates the respiratory tracts. When the outside temperature is under -10° C, the water content recommended is 30%.

The following charter is a good indication of the relative humidity recommended:

 Exterior temperature °C      
 Relative humidity with an interior temperature of 20°C (68°F)
-30° or less
 No more than 15%
 -30° to -24°
 No more than 20%
-24° to -18°  No more than 25%
 -18° to -12°  No more than 30%
 -12° to -6°  No more than 35%
  -6° to 0°  No more than 40%
Source: CMHC: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.  www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca
Condensation on the exterior side of a sealed unit is a phenomenon that happens on high performance glass as Super HP® glass.
Exterior condensation usually happens when these parameters are met:
• High relative humidity level (ex.: ext. temperature near the dew point)
• High performance glass
• Early in the morning
• Direct exposure to a clear sky toward North, East or South.
• Wind absence
If the surrounding temperature is slightly over the dew point and the glass temperature is slightly below: Condensation will occur on the glass.

This phenomenon happens because of high performance systems limiting the inside heat from escaping to the outside.

Because all the conditions mentioned here happens quite rarely, it's relatively seldom that we can observe it, even on high performance windows.
When you come across it, you can be assured that a superior window system has been installed.
The extruded aluminium screen comes with 2 springs (black) in a rail on each vertical side; moving these toward the middle will make the screen looser. Conversely, moving the spring towards the corners will make it tighter.

Please note that since December 18, 2015 the production of the Uni series windows has been discontinued.
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