Fenplast Steel Doors Features

Doors Steel

24 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel
All our doors are made of 24 gauge, galvanized steel. Your door is well protected against corrosion.

Post Selection

On the double doors and doors with side panels, you can choose a Decorative or
Contemporary, fixed or removable aluminum mullion. An extended version (not shown)
of the Decorative and Contemporary post allows the installation of a screen on the double
doors. A square post is also available. These mullion define the style and confer
sumptuousness and class to your entrance.

Door Hinges

Choice of Hinges
To harmonize your door hardware, we can install lead, brass, black or pewter coloured hinges.

Door Post Selection

Interior cladding
All Fenplast door frames as well as transoms and side panels are cladded with white PVC on the inside, which eliminates the need for painting.

Door weather stripping

Double weather stripping

The doors are equipped with a double weather strip system. The first one is magnetic and it works like the seal on a refrigerator door; the other one is made of PVC, which allows the air pocket between the frame and the door itself to remain temperate.
Side panels and sealed units glazing stops

Side panels and sealed units secured with interior glazing stops

A neat and modern method of attaching the side panels and sealed units to the frame. This system allows easy replacement in case the unexpected happens.

Doors PVC Edge-Cap

Structural assembly
The structural assembly of the doors makes for a more rigid frame between the door and the side panels.
Doors Structural assembly and sill
PVC Edge-Cap
There is a strip of PVC Edge-Cap on all our steel doors, for a flawless finish. The installer can do an impeccable job of inserting the bolts in the door.
Door handle-block

“Titanium” coloured anodized aluminum sill 

Resistance and timeless beauty are provided by this anodized sill, more neutral than the traditional grey one, it will keep its original aspect for many years. Available in different depths from 5¼ " to 11¼".
18” Handle-block
As they are longer than regular handle-blocks, these wooden blocks provide an excellent setting surface for latch handles and they will remain solid over time.
Strike Plate Boring Holes

Strike Plate Boring Holes

All door frames ordered with a handle boring hole will be delivered with a strike plate with latch and deadbolt (if needed)
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