Energy Star®


Always at the forefront, all Fenplast windows are ENERGY STAR® certified according to the OEE (Office of Energy Efficiency) which oversees the criteria for admissibility to allow the use of the international symbol of high efficiency  accorging to
the ER scale.


The more zones a product qualifies for, the more energy efficient it is. So, if you buy a product that is qualified for one or more zones that are colder than where you live, you can save even more on your energy costs.

To find the zone for your location, see maps of Quebec, Ontario or the Maritimes.

For more information on ENERGY STAR-labelled products, please refer to Office of energy efficieny (OEE): for doors and for winddows.

You will find the impressive results of the various Fenplast products in Performance and rating  at the bottom of pages for each product shown in the PRODUCTS section.

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