Casement window

Casement window

This window, which is an innovation in the market for PVC windows, is noted for a structural-type frame, which gives it a contemporary aspect while reducing the thickness of the centre “post”. This window system was designed to offer you “Plus”: an elegantly profiled sash, which is gracefully rounded, as well as a window frame with integrated mouldings to meet your needs. Three weather strips (two on the sash and one on the frame) ensure the window is waterproof, thereby guaranteeing optimum performance. It can also accommodate a triple glazed Insulating glass for better energy performance.
Awning window
One of the most overlooked alternatives for small openings is the awning window. This type of window has the same safety and performance features as the casement window. The “scissors” type mechanism in the lower part of the window allows for indirect ventilation.

This type of window may also be installed over each other to give it the warm aspect of a hung window, while maintaining the advantages of a “compression” closure.

Awning window

Casement window screen

The screen

When choosing a window, screens are not something to be neglected. The screen frame is made out of tensile aluminum and has an overlap that rests against the window, thereby protecting you from the smallest of flies. The screen is made out of black fibre.

Anchor points

To close a casement window as tightly as possible, the anchoring points must be positioned as close as possible to the ends of the sash.

As illustrated, Fenplast has its lower anchoring point 4” from the bottom of the frame which is the ideal placement.
point d'ancrage sur fenêtre à battant

Every opening sash comes with a multipoint lock. This means that all windows (except for awning windows) are equipped with a locking system having two or three anchor points (depending on the height of the window). The advantage of this is to be able to safely lock your window in only one operation. The lock is installed as low as possible to make handling it easy. This is especially appreciated in a window located above a kitchen sink or for someone who is mobility challenged.
Casement window hardware

When a casement window is wider than 20” (meaning 90% of all windows) the sash opening system is
operated by a “DOUBLE ACTION” mechanism. This system uses a 3-point attachment to the sash. This principle allows for very easy opening of the sash to an angle of 90° which ensures an ideal access for cleaning the outside surface of the window from inside the home.

Casement window hinges

The stainless steel hinges provide superior protection against corrosion.

As represented, the folding handle, is nesting in an elegant cover and won’t interfere with window treatments.
Performance and rating

  according to the
  CAN/CSA-A440.00 Standard
 Watertightness  B-7
 Wind load resistance  C-5*
 Resistance to break-in
  * When tested without mullion(s)

 Glass types
 Canada zone
 Clear -  ZONEX
 Low-E-ES©  32   Carte-zone-2.jpg   NR5738-1603209-ES
 Super  HP©
 27  Carte-zone-1.jpg  NR5738-1603189-ES
 Triple - 1  Low-E-ES© energy efficient glass
 38  Carte-zone-3.jpg  NR5738-3656416-ES
 Triple - 1  Super HP© energy efficient glass  32  Carte-zone-3.jpg
 Triple - 2  Low-E-ES© energy efficient glass  40  Carte-zone-3.jpg
 Triple - 2  Super HP© energy efficient glass  34 Carte-zone-3.jpg
* If you add grilles to your windows, energy rating can vary, please visit NRCan

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