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IsoVision Double slider window

DOUBLE Slider window

Both sashes are movable to supply ventilation on the right or the left sides. Both sashes tilt inward, which allows handling them easily for cleaning purposes without having to withdraw them from the frame. This system ensures a maximum unobstructed opening for carrying material in and out. This window may be ordered with a full screen, thereby determining which side is to be opened, or with a half screen for greater luminosity.

IsoVision Single slider window
SINGLE slider window
With only one movable sash, this economical window is a wonder of simplicity and clean design. The sealed unit is held in place not within a sash but by the frame of the window itself, as well as by the mullion. The mullion is a refined design which gives the whole window the appearance of a casement window. The ease of operation and ruggedness of this window make it a most sought after choice.

Common features (sliding windows)

IsoVision window section
  • The moveable sash(es) fold inward by pressing on the tilting latches located on each side of the sash(es).
  • A handle especially designed and punched for easy and safe operation.
  • A ventilation lock located at the bottom of the sashes allows opening a sash while restraining access from the outside.
  • Several plastic moulded parts to improve efficiency and esthetics.
  • Glazing stops on the inside for maximum security.
  • A system designed to be thoroughly painted in detail.
  • May be ordered with a 5 3/4”  frame for a non-assembled window, or you can simply use the inside and outside mouldings unique to the Iso© series.


Horizontal sliding window lock
Profiled and esthetic locks arranged so that it is easy to see if the cam is in an opened or closed position, even from a certain distance from the window. In addition, a symbol clearly shows the position of the cam.
Horizontal sliding window mechanism
Easy to operate tilt latches allow the sashes to tilt inwards for cleaning that is surprisingly easy.

Performance and rating
  according to the
  CSA-A440 Standard
 Airtightness   A-3
 Watertightness  B-7
 Wind load resistance  C-2
 Resistance to break-in  F-20

 ENERGY RATING* horizontal
 Glass types
Canada zone
 Clear / DOUBLE slider  -    
 Clear / SINGLE slider  -    
 Low-E-ES© / DOUBLE slider  31  Carte-zone-2.jpg NR5738-3656134-ES
 Low-E-ES© / SINGLE slider  33  Carte-zone-2.jpg
 Super  HP© / DOUBLE slider -  

 Super  HP© / SINGLE slider -  

* If you add grilles to your windows, energy rating can vary, please visit NRCan

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