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 Fenplast cannot always solve all the problems in your life; however, we do stand by our commitment with regard to your doors and windows.

 PAS-DE-PROBLEME-bullet.png  Lifetime Warranty
  • Fenplast warranties the PVC components on its doors and windows, its sealed units and hardware for the life of the product. This warranty is completely transferable from one owner to another1

 PAS-DE-PROBLEME-bullet.png  Product Quality
  • Fenplast is the only manufacturer of doors and windows in Quebec to use a fully integrated manufacturing process, from designing PVC profiles extrusion to manufacturing sealed units to the final assembly. We can thus exert stricter control over the quality of our products.
  • Our ENERGY STAR® certified products have one of the highest energy ratings (ER) 2.

 PAS-DE-PROBLEME-bullet.png  Excellence of Fenplast Expert Dealers
  • Nearly 80 retailers specialized in the sale of doors and windows make up the largest network of retailers in this area in Quebec and Eastern Ontario.
  • A customer satisfaction survey revealed a satisfaction rating of 94% regarding the services offered by our Expert Dealers3.

 PAS-DE-PROBLEME-bullet.png  Regular support
  • All our Expert Dealers follow in-depth training annually to enhance their knowledge on products and software.
  • With the Solumax© software, exclusive to Fenplast, you will receive a clear and complete quote with a drawing to scale as well as the energy rating (ER) for each product.

 PAS-DE-PROBLEME-bullet.png   Delivery Schedules
  • 97% of orders were delivered on the date promised to retailers4

 PAS-DE-PROBLEME-bullet.png  Level of Excellence of Installations
  • Professionalism, courtesy and neatness are words commonly used by our clients to describe the installation services provided by Fenplast Expert Dealers, as is evidenced by our average satisfaction rate of 96%5.

 PAS-DE-PROBLEME-bullet.png  After-Sales Service
  • Jointly with Expert Dealers, after-sales services (if applicable) are carried out in a timely manner6.

1. Fenplast warranties 100% PVC, sealed units and the hardware of its products for the first 20 years. For all warranty details, as well as exclusions, consult the section Current Warranty section 
2. All performance and energy rating tables are found on the respective tabs for each product. For industry date, refer to the Natural Resources Canada site.
3. According to the satisfaction survey conducted among consumers who provided us with their e-mail (nearly 2,000 respondents in 2014). 
4. Internal control statistics, 2014.
5. The average satisfaction rate of 96% regarding installation is also from our satisfaction survey.
The average time to complete Fenplast services in 2013 was 22 business days. We would like to point out that this turnaround time is often due to the production of customized parts for a given service.

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