Pull bar

Pull bar
A pull bar for your front door

Esthetic and contemporary, there is no doubt that the pull bar is the crowning touch to your home’s contemporary look.

It goes perfectly with our steel doors, more specifically the models 10 and 10-1.

Fenplast offers premachining for its doors so that a pull bar can be installed along with a rolling latch that can be locked and unlocked from the outside with a key, and from the inside with a handle.

Pull bars are available in four different heights (36", 48", 60" and 72") and can be matched with the handle of your choice for the interior part.

Pull Bar - roller latch.jpg 
 Pull Bar - roller catch.jpg
Rolling Latch:
Keeps doors in
the closed position when unlocked.

Striker plate for
the rolling latch
  Internal view
Internal view
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