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Contest rules

1.    The Fenplast contest is organized by Fenplast (hereafter referred to as the “contest organizer”). The contest will take place in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick on the Internet from August 13, 2012 at 5:00 am to December 7, 2012 at 11:59 am EST (hereafter the “contest duration”).

Win your windows and doors


2.    This contest is open to any person residing in Quebec, Ontario or New Brunswick, who is at least 18 years of age. Employees and representatives of Fenplast, its subsidiaries, publicity and promotional agencies, partners, associates and participating merchants or any other person directly involved in this contest, as well as all persons with whom said employees, representatives and agents are domiciled, are prohibited from participating in this contest.


3.   Persons wishing to participate must obtain at a Fenplast dealership a card on which an access code is printed. To register, they must access the contest page at fenplast.com. Participants must write in their contact information and the access code printed on the card. Persons having made a purchase must check the box provided to be declared winners and obtain the reimbursement of their purchase.

Persons making a purchase at Fenplast for the contest duration will receive a participation card from the dealer. The contract or invoice, dated within the contest duration, will be presented as proof of purchase. Persons not making a purchase may obtain a participation card simply by going to a Fenplast dealership.


4.   It is possible to register for this contest as follows:

    Internet registration
    4.1    No purchase necessary. Access the fenplast.com website. Go to the “Contest” page to register. You must fill out the electronic participation coupon and indicate the following mandatory information: name, family name, complete address and postal code, office or home telephone number with the area code, your email address, access code and the right answer to the mathematical skill-testing question. Click on the “Participate” icon to send in your electronic coupon at the latest on December 7, 2012 at 11:59 am EST. You will then be automatically registered in the contest and will receive a confirmation message of your registration.    

5.   Participants must abide by the following restrictions, failing which the contest organizers have the right to cancel one or more participations:
  •     There is a limit of one card bearing one access code per person.
  •     There is a limit of one registration per person and per address

6.   The following prizes will be drawn :

Winners making a purchase at a Fenplast dealership will win the total reimbursement of the amount of their purchase, before tax, of Fenplast doors and/or windows, including installation as the case may be, up to a maximum amount of 10 000$. Winners not making any purchase will receive a gift certificate of a value of 3 000$.
Each prize, reimbursement of purchase or gift certificate is of a minimum value of 3 000$ and a maximum value of 10 000$.
The  maximum  value  of  the  5  prizes  drawn  is  of  50 000$.
The following conditions apply to prizes:
a) The gift certificate may be exchanged at a Fenplast dealership at the winner’s choice.
b) The total reimbursement corresponds to the purchase amount of the doors and/or windows specified on the contract or the winner’s invoice, prepared for the duration of the contest duration. The amount of the reimbursement includes the value of the installation of the windows specified on the contract or the winner’s invoice, prepared for the duration of the contest duration.

c) Should the purchase not reach the minimum value of $3,000, the winner will be given a cheque in the amount of his purchase, and the difference—up to $3,000—in the form of a Fenplast gift certificate.

d) The winner must make arrangements to take delivery of his/her prize within 30 days following the date on which he/she is declared a winner, in default of which the prize will be forfeited;
e) Winner must take possession of the prize at the Fenplast head office.
f) A winner having made a purchase must forward to the Fenplast office by fax or by mail, a copy of the contract or of the invoice of purchase, so that Fenplast may validate the prize.

g) In the case in which the purchase of Fenplast windows is included in a house from Industries Bonneville Inc., the reimbursement will be calculated on the basis of an amount of 10% of the value of the contract for the house, up to a maximum of 10 000$.

7.   On Friday, December 14, 2012 at 10:00 am in Montreal at the Fenplast office, a drawing of five participation coupons will be done to choose the winners. All chance drawings of winners will be made from the electronic participation slips registered in compliance with paragraph 4. Persons in charge of the contest at Fenplast will contact the winners.
8.  The chance that a participation slip may be chosen at random depends on the number of participation slips registered and received pursuant to paragraph 4 above.
9.  All finalists must keep their card bearing the access code until the end of the contest. In addition, it is possible that the contest organizer request that winners show their code card as evidence of participation when prizes will be awarded.


10.   To be declared a winner at the drawing of the grand prize, the person selected must:

        a) Have correctly answered the mathematical skill testing question which is on the participation coupon.

11.   If a participant omits to respect one of the conditions mentioned in the above paragraph, or any other condition specified in this contest regulation, the participation of the person chosen will be cancelled and a new drawing will be held pursuant to this regulation, until a participant is chosen and declared to be a winner.


12.   Verification. Participation bulletins are subject to verification by the contest organizers. Any participation coupon which is incomplete, fraudulent, sent late, which does not specify the right answer to the mathematical question or which does not bear the right code, as the case may be, will be automatically rejected and its bearer will not be entitled to a prize.
13.   Non-conforming participation. The contest organizer will have the right to disqualify any person or cancel one or several participations of any person participating in this contest or trying to participate in it by a means which is contrary to this regulation or is liable to be unfair to the other participants (ex. Use of coupons obtained from an unauthorized source, participations exceeding the allowed limit, computer theft, etc.). This person may be referred to the competent judicial authorities.

14.   Acceptance of prize. A prize must be accepted as described in this regulation and cannot be transferred to another person, be substituted for another prize or be exchanged in whole or in part for money, subject to what is specified in the following paragraph.

15.   Substitution of prizes. In any case in which for reasons not in connection with a winner, the contest organizer cannot award a prize (or a portion of a prize) as described in this regulation, he will be entitled to award a prize (or a portion of a prize) of the same nature and of equivalent value.

16.   Refusal to accept a prize. The refusal by a person chosen by a random draw to accept a prize according to the conditions specified in this regulation will release the contest organizer of any obligation in connection with this prize and this person.

17.   Limit of liability – use of prize. Every person chosen will release Fenplast, its subsidiaries, publicity and promotional agencies, their employees, agents and representatives of any liability in connection with any damages that a person may sustain due to the acceptance or use of his/her prize.

18.   Warranty. Every prizewinner acknowledges that from the day he/she wins a prize the only warranty applicable is the usual manufacturer’s warranty (if applicable).

19.   Liability of suppliers. Any person selected for a prize acknowledges that from the day he/she is declared to be a winner and Fenplast confirms his/her prize, the delivery of services in connection with that prize is the entire and exclusive responsibility of Fenplast.

20.   Limits to liability – operation of contest. Fenplast, its subsidiaries, employees, agents and representatives will entail no liability in connection with the malfunctioning of any computer component, any software program or line of communication in connection with any defective transmission, or which is incomplete, unintelligible, or deleted by any computer or network and which may restrict or prevent participation in the contest by any person. Fenplast, its subsidiaries, publicity or promotional agencies will not incur any liability for any damage or loss which could be caused directly or indirectly in whole or in part by downloading any software program of any form and by the transmission of any information concerning participation in the contest.

21.   Amendment. The contest organizer will be entitled in their discretion to cancel, terminate, amend or suspend this contest in whole or in part in any case in which an event, an error or any human intervention could corrupt or affect the administration, safety, impartiality or the conduct of the contest as specified in this regulation, subject to approval by the Régie des loteries, des courses et des jeux du Québec, if required. In all cases, the contest organizer, its subsidiaries, publicity and promotional agencies, suppliers of products and services in connection with this contest, as well as their employees, agents and representatives may not be required to award more prizes that those specified in this regulation or to attribute prizes otherwise than in compliance with this regulation.

22.   Impossibility to act – labour conflict. Fenplast, its affiliates, publicity and promotional agencies, employees, agents and representatives will not in any way be liable in any case in which their impossibility to act results from a fact or a situation beyond their control or from a strike, lock-out or any other labour conflict in their enterprise or in the enterprises of organizations whose services are used for holding this contest.

23.   Limited liability– participation. By participating or by attempting to participate in this contest, every person releases of any liability the contest organizer, its subsidiaries, publicity and/or promotional agencies, employees, agents and representatives for any damages that person may sustain by reason of his/her participation or attempt to participate in the contest.

24.   Authorisation. By participating in this contest, every winner authorizes the contest organizer, its partners and representatives from using if necessary, his/her name, photograph, image, statement concerning the prize, place of residence and/or voice without any compensation therefore, in their discretion and without any limit to the period of use, in any media and on a global scale for purposes of publicity or for any other purpose deemed relevant.

25.   Decisions made by contest organizer. Any decision made by the contest organizer or their representatives in connection with this contest is final and cannot be appealed, subject for persons residing in Quebec and Ontario, to any decision rendered by the Régie des loteries, des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec in connection with any question within its jurisdiction.

26.   Disputes. For persons residing in Quebec, a dispute about the organization or the conduct of a promotional contest may be submitted to the Régie des loteries, des alcools, des courses et des jeux for decision. A dispute concerning the award of a prize may be submitted to the Régie only for the purpose of an attempt to settle it.

27.   Identification of participant. For the purposes of this regulation, a participant is the person whose name appears in the participation coupon and it is to this person that the prize will be awarded if that person is chosen and declared to be a winner.

28.   Language. In case of discrepancy between the French and English versions of this regulation, the French version will prevail.

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