Most of the steel doors that are offered on the market are manufactured using an outdated system compared to modern standards of performance.

Fenplast has completely revamped the system of entry doors for upgrade, while maintaining affordable purchase.

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  Cross-section of a Fenplast single steel door

Cross-section of a Fenplast single steel door

With a better quality assembly, the Steel Door 2.0 now provides better air and water-resistance, meaning that this door system complies with the new requirements of the National Building Code (NAFS-08). No more swelling thresholds and rotting wooden frames!
 Porte2-0-Image1  porte2-0-Image2.jpg

  • The use of three different types of weather-stripping: one high-quality compression/magnetic strip (1) and two coextruded strip (2).
  • Interior door covered with a flexible exterior strip (3), which protects the main weather-stripping from the water.
  • Door sweep (4) with drainage cavity far from the threshold’s thermal break (5), which prevents any water accumulation.
Threshold Weather-Tightness
  1. The threshold is equipped with foam that moulds itself to the variations of the wood and aluminum surfaces and ensures air and water-resistance.
  2. A sealant joint in the block cavity prevents water from entering between the threshold and jambs, forcing the water to drain in front of the joint.
  3. When the exterior covering is installed, a finishing seal is added. This provides the threshold with double-sealant joint weatherproofing protection.

The assembly method was upgraded so that the posts are more solid and versatile. The wood post is therefore mounted on an aluminum base, which reinforces the structure, and the assembly is completed by an easily removable
cover witn an extruded aluminum finish.

Using the same manufacturing process, several models of covers are available in different styles:
  1. Classic post
  2. Extended classic post to accommodate a screen door
  3. Contemporary post (new), sides slightly rounded to give it a contemporary look
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