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FENPLAST Inc. warrants its products for defects in manufacturing or materials and will replace any part found to be defective under the following conditions:

PVC: Limited lifetime warranty

Fenplast warrants PVC components on its doors and windows for the life of the product.

The PVC profile extrusions are warranted against defects in materials and manufacture from the date of purchase as specified in the chart below, under normal conditions of use and maintenance. Sunshine and regular atmospheric pollutants may cause a gradual change in colour, chalking or an accumulation of spots or surface dirt on all PVC products. These are natural occurrences, which are excluded from the warranty.

Insulating glass (I.G.) unit: Limited lifetime warranty

Fenplast warrants the sealed units installed on its doors and windows for the life of the product. This warranty applies to insulated glass units manufactured from clear or low emissivity glass (type low-E) only when used for the manufacture of complete products only and covers the formation of condensation or dust deposits between the two panes of glass caused by a break in the sealed joint, which results in noticeable reduction in visibility, according to the following chart.

Decorative glass in Fenplast’s “Private Imports” series with lead or brass inserts between the glass is warranted for a period of ten years against the formation of film or dust deposits between the two panes of glass caused by a break in the sealed joint.

All other decorative glass or sealed units with blinds between the panes of glass, coming directly from glass suppliers other than Fenplast (Novatech, Verre-Sélect, Vitre-Art, Masonite, etc.) will be warranted based on the specifics of each of the manufacturers of these types of glass.

Spontaneous breakage of glass

Spontaneous breakage of glass will be covered for a period of one (1) year. Such breakage will typically be a crack on the inside part of the insulated glass. There must be no point of impact on the glass.

For the tempered glass used in sliding doors, a ten-year warranty will be granted against the spontaneous breakage of the interior glass.

Note that insulated glass units sold alone (not sold as part of a window) are not covered by this warranty.

Hardware: Limited lifetime warranty

Fenplast warrants the hardware installed on its doors and windows for the life of the product.
This warranty applies to hardware and covers any breakage occurring under normal conditions of use. This warranty does not cover oxidation, changes in colour, polish or finish of the hardware. This warranty does not cover and specifically excludes defects caused by corrosion if the hardware is used in a corrosive environment.

Table of proportion of coverage for PVC, scealed units and hardware

 Years  Fenplast warranty coverage
 Consumer’s share of liability
 0-20  100%  0%
 20 and more  25%

Fake mullions

Mullion adherence on glass is warranted for the first (5) five years following the purchase, and, in exceptional cases, includes labour also for the first (5) five years.

Steel Doors: Specific Warranty Details

Door Panels—Evolution© Front and Side Panels: 10-Year Warranty

All front and side panels are warranted against warping (exceeding 1/4 inch) and delamination.

 Piece Warranty
Hinges  1 year
Regular ball bearings and decorative ball-bearings hinges, against rust (except hinges on the outdoor side).
 Ball bearing hinges made of stainless steel chromed or ball bearing hinges with a brass finish.
Slab - White finish
 10 years
The finish on steel slab is warranted against major discoloration and chalking.
Multi-point handles
 5 years
The finish is warranted for the first year only. It is the client’s responsibility to carry out regular maintenance in order to preserve the finish on the multi-point handle.
Door sweep and weather stripping
 1 year
PVC Moulding around Glass
 5 years
Against unsoldering and/or rippling.
  No warranty against fogging

Commercial sills

Commercial sills are designed for commercial installations or for inside buildings. We provide no warranty on water penetration or formation of frost indoors. These sills do not come with thermal barriers.


20 years*
 For paint adherence 
 For peeling and blistering
 For changes in colour and significant chalking
  *Subject to the conditions specified below.

A. Exclusions from Paint Warranty

The following conditions are not covered by the “paint” warranty:

1. Defects resulting from:
    aa) Abnormal atmospheric conditions, corrosive or harmful vapour or dust;
    bb) Use of thinners, solvents or abrasive materials on the surfaces.

2. If the surface has not been regularly maintained for at least one (1) year with a mild liquid soap and hot water applied with a soft cloth or a sponge.

3. If the defects are less than the specifications of the applicable standards: adherence (ASTM S-3359); concentration of heat, (ASTM 4803) and weather resistance (ASTM D 224), (ASTM D 523) and (ASTM D 4214).

4. Gradual and uniform change in colour as happens on all outdoor materials.

B. Paint Warranty Procedures and Conditions

For the first 10 years (calculated from the invoice date), on receipt of a written claim respecting the conditions of this warranty, Fenplast Inc. or a sub-contractor
whose services it retains, will apply a new coat of paint on site, subject to the conditions of the warranty. This warranty does not cover any other incidental consequences or damages.

A defective part will be repainted in the colour originally ordered. It is possible that there could be a variation in colour versus the surrounding original components.

For the period of 10 years subsequent to the expiry of the first period of the warranty, the obligation assumed by Fenplast Inc. will be limited to supplying a sufficient quantity of paint to touch up the damaged surfaces.

Fenplast Inc. does not make any other warranty for paint and all other damage of any type whatsoever, including the cost of labour, except for the first period of 10 years, direct and incidental damage, real or foreseeable, present or future damage, are specifically excluded.


Fenplast will pay the cost of labour for the on site repair of the windows for a period of one year (see exclusions).

In subsequent years, Fenplast will only supply replacement parts free of charge, FOB Candiac. All expenses for labour, transportation, repair work, installation and/or finishing on site are excluded.

No labour will be allocated for the following parts:
  • Screens
  • Hinges for steel doors
  • Low sweep for steel doors
  • Weatherstripping for steel doors
  • Weatherstripping for sliding doors

Exclusions/Specific Clauses:

Any modification or attempt to modify any part of a window, as well as any part painted by anyone other than Fenplast Inc.

Any work performed by persons whose services were not retained by Fenplast inc.

Any defect caused as a result of a falling object, an explosion, fire, vandalism or other similar event or in any case of natural superior force such as a hurricane, earthquake or natural catastrophe considered as unusual in Canada.

All regular maintenance work, replacement of normally maintained components such as weather-stripping, any product damaged by any occurrence of superior force, breakage of glass, tearing of screens and the formation of frost on PVC components when the percentage of indoor humidity is too high in relation to the outside temperature.


This warranty is completely transferable over its entire term as long as the owner of the building in which the product(s) are set up can provide the contract or original purchase invoice.

Conditions :

Products must be installed according to the state of the art, square and true, for this warranty to be valid. Minimum periodic maintenance must be performed (washing the profile extrusions, lubrication of the moving parts and weather-stripping).

Under the conditions of the above-mentioned warranty, any part repaired or replaced will be covered by the remainder of the original warranty.

If the place where the repairs must be performed is located farther than 50 km from the nearest Fenplast authorized distributor, travelling costs will be charged. A prior agreement must be made. The site must be accessible by road. We are not responsible for acquiring, installing and dismantling any scaffolding.

The acquisition date is determined by the Fenplast invoice date.

All repairs will be made during regular office hours.


All claims must be made to your Fenplast distributor, enclosing the purchase invoice or original contract within 30 days after the appearance of the defect. In any case in which the distributor has ceased its operations, a written claim, precisely describing the defect, must be sent to Fenplast Inc. to the attention of the After-Sales Service Department at 160 boul. de l’Industrie, Candiac, Quebec, Canada, J5R 1J3.

Fenplast reserves the right to discontinue production of any model of product presently manufactured or to make changes to such models. If it is impossible to obtain a part identical to one that Fenplast considers must be replaced under this warranty, Fenplast may replace it with one or more parts of equivalent quality.

During the installation or replacement of any window, sliding door or steel door, Fenplast will in no case be held liable for any loss of income or other damages, whether direct, incidental, accidental or due to a defect of a Fenplast product.

This warranty, which applies from January 1, 2015, is the only valid and applicable warranty.
No other warranty, oral or in writing, is valid. Products sold previously by Fenplast Inc. are covered by the applicable warranty on the date they were sold.

This warranty is subject to Canadian and American legislation.


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