Why Fenplast...

For Comfort

Fenplast PVC windows and sliding doors, as steel doors, are designed and manufactured by always keeping in mind the comfort they ensure. Comfortable because they are warm and designed knowing that you will have to clean them, and open and close them often, but also because they are sign of a remarquable harmonization with the style youwant to give to uour home because of a multitude of options available.

The purchase of windows and doors is a major investment and a wise consumer will want to be sure to make the right choice on a long-term basis.

Fenplast is one of the rare Canadian manufacturers which is as much as integrated vertically and which therefore controls its input: from the powder required for the extrusion of PVC sections of its windows and sliding doors to the glass and sealants used in the sealed units and light-reflecting paint that may be applied to the windows and doors. Combined with the best steel door panels ang superior-quality hardware, these windows and doors will ensure you have peace of mind for many years to come.


Using the latest robotics and automated equipment linked to computer servers, manufacturing quality windows and doors has become our main obsession. Whether they are for the do-it-yourselfer, for professional renovators, for homebuilders or ultimately for users, Fenplast windows and doors are sure to please by their precise construction, their ease of installation and their nice finish. Just like jewels in their case, they are protected so as to ensure they arrive undamaged to your home.


Various Canadian agencies have devised standards for measuring the performance of  windows and doors.
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