The PVC extrusions used in the manufacturing of Fenplast windows and sliding doors are made out of white resin and the standard steel door panels used are all white pre-painted.

However, because this does not necessarily meet all tastes or styles, Fenplast offers the possibility of having the outside or/and inside of the windows (only casement, awning and fixed windows for inside), the sliding doors and the steel doors painted in its shops with a choice of more than 20 standard colours(1) or with the specific colour you would like to have.

The paint used for this application is especially formulated to prevent the heat absorbed by it from being transferred to the material behind. In doing so, the materials maintain their dilation/contraction properties almost intact, thereby allowing them to be painted from pale to dark colours. Therefore, you may let your imagination soar and choose your favourite colours to harmonize with the colours of your home.

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(1) Colours may not be exactly as shown.
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